There is a lot of controversy about what to do with the news that the national pension will be depleted faster than originally expected.

This depletion of pensions is not a problem unique to Korea, but let's look at the pension reforms of France and Japan as well and find out what to refer to.

First, in the National Assembly today (1st), the contents of the reform plan of the Private Advisory Committee on how to change the pension system were announced.

The opinion of raising insurance premiums to 15% of income is gaining strength, and the ruling party plans to report in detail to about 500 people and go through the process of listening to their opinions.

This is reporter Park Chan-beom.


Part of the pension reform plan discussed for two days from the 27th of last month by the Private Advisory Committee of the Special Committee on Pension Reform of the National Assembly was introduced at a meeting of members of the People’s Power.

It is said that the prevailing opinion is that the current insurance premium rate, which is 9% of monthly income, should be raised to 15% step by step to delay the point of depletion of the fund in 2055.

[Kwon Moon-il/President of the National Pension Research Institute: In fact, since the (pension) philosophy is different, this has not been narrowed down.

However, it is clear that it is much closer than in the past.]

Opinions were approached on how much money to pay, but the difference of opinion on the income replacement rate after retirement, that is, how much to receive compared to average monthly income, did not narrow.

A member of the private advisory committee explained that "revision of the income replacement rate is a matter of determining whether or not people in their 20s can receive pensions after 70 years."

Ho-young Joo, chairman of the special committee, announced that he would form a public deliberation committee composed of 500 people to collect opinions widely.

[Ho-Young Joo/Chairman of the Special Committee on Pension Reform of the National Assembly: We are preparing a budget for public debate, and we are also looking for a chairperson for public debate.

] This is the method used to determine

Even within the private advisory committee, there is a possibility that the deadline for activities of the special pension committee, which is until April, may be extended as opinions are divided over the income replacement rate.

(Video coverage: Lee Chan-soo, video editing: Won-yang Won)