People's Power Rep. Kim Ki-hyun expressed his regret over the controversy over lies that arose over Nam Jin and Kim Yeon-kyung's proof shot.

As the party power competition flows in the Yanggang composition of Rep. Kim Ki-hyun and Ahn Chul-soo, the nervous warfare is also getting sharper.

Reporter Lee Seong-hoon reports.


Yesterday (1st), Rep. Kim Ki-hyun of People's Power expressed regret.

[Kim Ki-Hyun/Rep. People's Power: I would be sorry if I said that there was some potential for misunderstanding during the expression process.]

However, regarding the suspicion that the photo was uploaded without consent, I continued to insist that I asked for an opinion through an acquaintance and received permission. .

The battle of nerves intensified as the polls continued to close.

On a radio, Rep. Ahn replied yes to the question that the so-called Yoon Sim may not have 100% for Rep. Kim,

[Ahn Cheol-soo/Rep. People's Power: Looking at the approximate contents, it seems that this was not necessarily reflecting the president's thoughts. I got that impression.]

Rep. Kim was confronted by Rep. Ahn, telling him to stop caring for Yoon.

[Kim Ki-hyun/People's Power Member: Candidate Chul-soo Ahn seems to be doing a good job.

Let's confidently compete with Ahn Cheol-soo's product.]

When the nervous warfare overheated, Daegu Mayor Hong Joon-pyo criticized both sides, saying, "It is difficult to see the childishness of arguing over a one-time incident."

The two lawmakers plan to close the registration of their candidacy this morning, the first day of registration for the party convention.