China News Agency, Paris, January 31 (Reporter Li Yang) Ukrainian Defense Minister Reznikov visited France on January 31 local time. He held talks with French Defense Minister Le Korny in Paris.

Le Corny said that France will continue to provide Ukraine with "Caesar" self-propelled artillery.

  Le Korny held a welcome ceremony for Reznikov at the French Ministry of Defense, and the two held talks afterwards.

At the press conference after the talks, Le Corny announced that France will provide Ukraine with 12 more "Caesar" self-propelled artillery, which will be delivered in the next few weeks.

  Le Corny also revealed that France will send 150 military personnel to Poland, where they will train Ukrainian soldiers, up to 600 per month.

  At the press conference, Reznikov thanked France for providing Ukraine with AMX10-RC wheeled armored vehicles. He believes that this move has a demonstration effect and will promote other Western countries to provide Ukraine with tanks and other military equipment.

  According to the official schedule, French President Emmanuel Macron met Reznikov that night.

The meeting was held behind closed doors. As of press time, the official has not disclosed the relevant details of the meeting.

  Reznikov said in an interview with the media on the eve of his visit to France that he would seek Western countries to provide Ukraine with fighter jets, especially F-16 fighter jets.

According to sources, Reznikov will also mention the issue of providing F-16 fighter jets to Ukraine during his visit to France.

  Macron said on the 30th that France did not rule out the possibility of providing fighter jets to Ukraine, but he also said that certain conditions must be met, including that such military equipment will not cause tension or "touch" Russian territory and will not weaken the French military. strength.