Ukrainian "death ray"... the moment Russian soldiers were killed by a mysterious weapon (video)

Ukrainian officer Anatoly Stefan published footage showing the moment 3 Russian soldiers were killed by a precise strike while trying to move through a destroyed field in eastern Ukraine, and the newspaper "Express" said that the weapon used is a Stugna-P anti-tank weapon, and this weapon can identify targets and penetrate very thick armor. .

A Twitter user suggested in response to the video that "the person who operates this weapon must be the best anti-tank missile operator on earth," while others considered it a "death ray" weapon, due to its mysterious explosive capabilities and the fiery projectile's exit in a shape similar to The beam hits the target.

“This is what we live in when we have a family, to live in a house and a house.”

Якісна робота підрозділу на східному напрямку.

- Анатолій Штефан (Штірліц) (@Shtirlitz53) January 30, 2023

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