The fashion week shows French fashion houses their most exclusive designs.

During the week, creative and sometimes bizarre creations are shown, not only on the catwalk, but also among the guests in the front row.

This year we got to see Kylie Jenner wear a lion head dress and Doja Cat dressed in 300,000 crystals

- It's really about pushing the boundaries, more about works of art than actually wearable clothes.

Low economy fashion

Not everyone appreciates this mod.

In another part of the fashion world, a different type of fashion is trending.

A trend that is linked to the economic situation in the world.

On social media, there is talk of recession fashion. 

- It's a bit more sober, basic colors and clothes that you can wear for a longer time, she says and continues:

- Black trousers, oversized sweaters and not these colorful patterned clothes, says Helle Schunesson.

See more in the video above about why animal heads stirred emotions "Glorified trophy hunting":