As the analyst emphasized, it cannot be said that all Western countries are ready to cross the red lines.

“Because they all differ very seriously from each other in terms of resource and military-strategic capabilities,” the expert said.

At the same time, one can now observe the division of states into several groups, the interlocutor of RT explained. 

“There are countries that are trying to control, as it seems to them, the situation, these are the United States and Great Britain.

There are groups in the country that are trying to maneuver between their own interests and the interests of those who actually lead everyone, for example, Germany, France, Italy.

There are countries that are initiating some new stages in the confrontation with Russia, they behave even more radically, make more powerful statements, ”explained Eremina.

In her opinion, the statement of the Lithuanian president should be considered, among other things, in the context of the “information struggle”. 

At the same time, the specialist did not rule out that sooner or later there will be an increase in the supply of weapons from the West.

Earlier, Nauseda said it was time for the West to cross Russia's red lines.