There is a shortage of a large amount of medicine, not least the medicine for diabetics.

In several countries, Ozempic has started to be used as a medicine for weight loss.

This has increased demand unexpectedly much both in Sweden and abroad.

Lack of more medicines

But there is a lack of more medicines.

At the Swedish Medicines Agency, the list of back listed products is long.

- The increase in residually notified products we have seen in the last year is probably related to, for example, inflation, increased manufacturing costs and increased shipping and energy prices, says Therese Smedberg, press officer at the Medical Products Agency.

The pharmacy notices the shortage

At the pharmacies, they notice the lack of medicines.

Eva Lundberg works at a pharmacy in Umeå.

- Every day customers come in who can't get hold of their medicine, she says.

Watch Eva Lundberg tell more about which medicines are in short supply in the video.