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On the front page of the press, this Tuesday, January 31, the reactions to the attack which ravaged, yesterday, a mosque of the headquarters of the police of Peshawar, in the west of Pakistan.

An attack that left at least 80 dead and 150 injured.

This very heavy and still provisional assessment made the front page of all Pakistani dailies this morning, in particular

Pakistan Today

, which recalls that a Shiite mosque in Peshawar had already been the target, last March, of a deadly attack claimed by the Islamic State group.

The newspaper indicates that another organization is also operating in the region: the Pakistani Taliban group Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan, a separate group from the Afghan Taliban, with which it shares a common ideology and whose return to power in Kabul in August 2021 has given it new vigor.

Regarding yesterday's attack,

Pakistan Today

calls for "general condemnation from the entire political class against the Taliban".

"There must be a policy of zero tolerance towards this (violent) activism, regardless of where these activists claim to be fighting their fight. The people of Pakistan deserve better. The people of (all) neighboring countries deserve better," writes the log.

The daily


also refers to the Pakistani Taliban, who broke their truce with the government last November.

The newspaper calls on the government and the opposition to "close ranks and work with the security forces to determine a counter-terrorism strategy that finally produces results".

Peshawar is about 50 kilometers from the border with Afghanistan, where the Taliban's oppression of women is getting worse every day.

Le Monde

reports that this continued deterioration in the living conditions of Afghan women and girls has led Denmark to decide to systematically grant them asylum.

A decision announced on January 30 by the Danish Refugee Appeal Board.

In addition to being deprived of the right to study, Afghan women are now excluded from most government jobs, no longer have the right to work for NGOs, whether local or foreign, and do not have the right to travel unaccompanied by a male relative.

Also on the front page is the visit, this Tuesday, January 31, of Pope Francis to the Democratic Republic of Congo, before a visit to South Sudan.

Questioned by

La Libre Belgique Afrique

, political scientist Jean-Claude Mputu announces "the political event of this beginning of the year"

in the DRC.

"There will be a before and after the Pope's trip", insists this Congolese researcher, who recalls the importance of this visit for President Félix Tshisekedi, who has already applied for re-election next December, and the intense diplomatic activity of the Church in the country to try to find a way of dialogue in the East, including with the rebels of the M23 and the ADF.

DRC: "There will be a before and after the Pope's trip"

— La Libre Afrique (@LaLibreAfrique) January 29, 2023

The Belgian daily underlines, for its part, "the political and security tensions which currently cross the DRC, at a time when the Catholic Church finds itself mistreated and nibbled by the churches of revival", the evangelical churches.

“Will Pope Francis sow in good soil or in brambles?”: for the Burkinabè daily newspaper 

Le Pays

, “the question is to know (whether Pope Francis' message of peace) will be heard and above all if something will remain of his time in the DRC and South Sudan".

In Italy, the transfer of a prisoner sentenced for anarchist terrorism has revived the debate on the conditions of detention of certain prisoners.

After more than a hundred days of a hunger strike to protest against the very harsh prison regime imposed on him, Alfredo Cospito was finally transferred, yesterday, from the high security section of a prison in Sardinia to another prison. from Milan, where he will be treated.

A decision that does not satisfy, however,

Il Manifesto

, which titles, "Anacord", a play on words in reference to Fellini's film "Amarcord" ("I remember").

#Cospito trasferito a Milano e ricoverato nel carcere di Opera, resta però al 41 bis.

Il consiglio dei ministri affronta il caso ma se ne lava le mani.

Per il governo di destra-destra torna il “pericolo anarchico per lo Stato”#ilmanifesto #laprima #31gennaio

— il manifesto (@ilmanifesto) January 31, 2023

The communist newspaper criticizes the agreement established, according to it, to the detriment of the anarchist Alfredo Cospito, who was transferred to a less harsh prison but will remain under the so-called "41-bis" detention regime, an article of law intended , initially to prevent the godfathers of the mafia from communicating with their troops, and which establishes a prison regime of total isolation.

Criticism, too, of


, who judges that the government has yielded to the "blackmail" of Alfredo Cospito and that the latter enjoys too much leniency.

The liberal newspaper denounces "all the crimes (committed) by the anarchist Cospito, this bomber who plays the victim today".

A word, before leaving you, of the new day of mobilization, this Tuesday, January 31 in France against the pension reform.

After the very strong mobilization of January 19, this new day of demonstrations will be scrutinized very closely.

"The refractory Gauls", as Emmanuel Macron called them, will they be as mobilized today?


, in any case, ensures that "all Gaul resists" and is delighted.

Le Figaro

is pleased to see the president "show his firmness" and stay straight in his boots.

Retreats: all of Gaul resists.

This is the front page of @Libe on Tuesday


— Liberation (@libe) January 30, 2023

Far from the cobblestones of France and Navarre, I also wanted to share with you this article from the

Wall Street Journal

, which reports on a very beautiful discovery thousands of kilometers from France, in Guatemala, where archaeologists have found a vast site of Mayan ruins in the middle of the jungle, totally camouflaged by vegetation, thanks to laser mapping technology.

A breathtaking discovery.

To map a sprawling Maya kingdom with a “level of infrastructure that is just mind boggling,” archaeologists used lasers mounted on airplanes

— The Wall Street Journal (@WSJ) January 31, 2023

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