On February 2, the Center Party will vote at an extraordinary general meeting in Helsingborg on whether Muharrem Demirok will take office as the new party leader.

Annie Lööf, who has been chairman since 2011, is thus doing her last term in office before it is most likely time to hand over the baton.

"Feeling disappointed"

In an interview in SVT's Morgonstudion, she says that her time as party leader has been marked by both highs and lows.

- It is clear that I feel disappointed that not enough voters saw my values-based leadership.

We really felt the whole of August that we had the wind at our backs, says Annie Lööf regarding the divisive opinion figures before the election.

- It was a disappointment on election night.

But if I'm going to be a bit crass and look at the election results, it's better than both 2010 and 2014. But it's in the light of the last 2018 that you're judged.

So I take full responsibility for the setback.

But it is historically a normal election result for us, she says.

Lööf: C continues on the beaten path

Lööf does not believe that the Center Party will change direction with the new leadership.

- I think they will continue on the path that has been during my party leadership.

Then I hope that the new party leader takes the turns politically and makes his own political platform just like I had the opportunity to do.