The umbrella organization Islamic Shiasamfunden in Sweden, ISS, started an investigation after the disclosure in Task review.

The investigation, which has just been completed, led to the forced removal of two religious leaders in Stockholm and the freezing of grants for all exposed congregations.

According to ISS, the association in Eskilstuna has been inactive for many years and therefore has not received any grants.

- But this year they would get SEK 30,000, that's not a lot of money for a whole year.

They received 15,000 last year and we have frozen the rest, says Haider Ibrahim, chairman of the Islamic Shia Association in Sweden.

Regular member answered the phone

The ISS investigation shows that the person who responded to the Al-Zahra culture association in Eskilstuna and urged a woman to enter into a so-called marriage of convenience was an ordinary member.

He is said to have previously been part of the association's board, but his contact details were still there.

- Now it is up to the association to exclude this member.

As a religious community, we have the opportunity to send directives and refer to how the association should act.

We expect them to follow our bylaws, says Haider Ibrahim.

Imams must be trained

In order to deal with the "marriage of pleasure", ISS has introduced an action plan which is being worked on.

This means, among other things, that imams and the board at all congregations must receive training in the marriage code and basic values ​​in society.

- Another part of the negotiation plan is to update who will answer the association's phone.

When we have implemented the action plan and feel sure that this will not happen again, the associations will receive the rest of the grant, says Haider Ibrahim.