Completion of linking “My Care”, “My File” and “Nabidh”

A single national platform for patient health data nationwide

An agreement was signed between "My Care", "Malaffi" and "Nabidh" within the activities of the Arab Health Exhibition and Conference 2023 in Dubai.

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The health authorities in the country, represented by the Ministry of Health and Community Protection, the Department of Health Abu Dhabi, and the Dubai Health Authority, announced the completion of the electronic link between the unified national health file “My Care” and the “My File” platform of the Department of Health Abu Dhabi and the “Nabidh” platform of the Dubai Health Authority. This link aims to unify patients' health data in a single national platform, to enhance the quality of medical services and reach an integrated health system that is in line with international standards.

An agreement was signed to link “My Care”, “My File” and “Nabidh” within the activities of the Arab Health Exhibition and Conference 2023 in Dubai. Ahmed Ali Dashti, the Assistant Undersecretary for the Support Services Sector, and the Executive Director of the Joint Institutional Support Services Sector signed on behalf of the Ministry of Health and Prevention. Dr. Ahmed Abdullah Al Nuaimi, representative of the Dubai Health Authority, and Dr. Hamed Ali Al Hashemi, advisor to the Office of the Head of the Department and Digital Health, representing the Abu Dhabi Department of Health.

The integration of the platforms is an important achievement in the field of health care in the country, which comes within the strategy of digital transformation of health care facilities to build a sustainable and effective health system, to enable patients to obtain distinguished health care services.

The Assistant Undersecretary for the Support Services Sector at the Ministry of Health and Community Protection, Ahmed Ali Dashti, confirmed that the completion of the link between the national health platforms constitutes a prominent national achievement in which digital health records in the country are gathered in one common platform, to simplify the sharing of health data and provide easier and more flexible access. The unified platform provides big data analysis as an important tool for improving the quality of healthcare.

For his part, Dr. Hamid Al Hashemi, Advisor to the Head of the Department at the Department of Health in Abu Dhabi, said: “The merging of the (My Care), (My File) and (Nabed) platforms is a qualitative step in efforts to improve the health and safety of community members in the country, as the UAE experience has become an exchange of Health information is a distinguished model that is appreciated and cared for by other health systems in the region.”

For his part, Ali Al-Ajmi, Director of the Smart Health Department at the Ministry of Health and Community Protection, indicated that the unified national health platform aims to bring about a radical change in the digital transformation of the health care sector in the UAE, and health information is encrypted through a secure network, as the number of records reached More than 1.9 billion medical records of 9.5 million patients are connected to the “Re’ayati” system, which can be accessed by more than 90,000 health service providers in 3,057 medical facilities connected to the system.

In turn, Dr. Mohammed Al Redha, Director of the Informatics and Smart Health Department at the Dubai Health Authority, said that the health sector in the country is witnessing rapid development and successive qualitative leaps, especially in terms of digital transformation, in which the UAE has made an important stride, and succeeded through it in developing the care system. health.

Dr. Al-Ridha stated that the "Nabidh" platform came with continuous efforts made by the Dubai Health Authority, in order to serve the community and its members in the desired manner, and then enhance the state's directions and Dubai's aspirations in achieving global competitiveness in the health field.

"my file"

The Malaffi platform connects almost the entire healthcare sector in Abu Dhabi, including all of the emirate's hospitals, and 2,000 public and private healthcare institutions.

It allows more than 45,000 authorized users to access 900 million medical records of more than seven million patients, according to the highest standards of privacy and information security.


One billion medical records for 9.5 million patients, the number of records related to the unified national health file.

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