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At 115, the world's oldest living woman, Maria Brañas Morera, reveals her grandmother's secret to longevity.

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Grandma Morera said not to worry or regret, and she heard the secret to a regular daily life, good relationships with family and friends, and communion with nature.

"Stay away from the poisonous person," she advised.

Grandmother Morera, who has been living in a nursing home in Catalonia, Spain for 22 years, took over her record on the 16th when Sister André of France passed away at the age of 118.

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After being infected with Corona 19 in May 2020, she was cured and received the world's attention. She enjoys communicating with the world through social media, and is sometimes called the 'Super Catalan Grandmother'.

Netizens responded such as "Keep away from poisonous people, that's a famous saying", "Not being stressed in human relationships is the best medicine", "Isn't good genes the secret to longevity?"

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