Twelve departments jointly issued a document to strengthen the prevention and management of discipline invisible variation training

  Any form of "home tutoring" promotion behavior is strictly prohibited

  Since the introduction of the "double reduction" policy, various places have promoted the management of off-campus training and achieved initial results. However, in some places, training institutions have shifted from "above ground" to "underground" or use "high-end housekeeping", "home tutoring", "study tours", etc. The "invisible variation" problem of conducting off-campus training in the name of violations seriously interferes with policy implementation.

  Recently, 12 departments including the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Commerce, and the State Administration for Market Regulation jointly issued the "Opinions on Further Strengthening the Prevention and Governance of Disciplinary Invisible Variation Training" (hereinafter referred to as "Opinions").

  The "Opinions" require that by June 2023, prevention mechanisms, discovery mechanisms, and investigation and handling mechanisms for subject-based invisible variation training issues will be basically established, the work pattern of departmental and regional coordination and linkage will be improved, and the situation of invisible variation training violations will be better controlled.

By June 2024, the long-term mechanism for the prevention and governance of disciplinary invisible variation training will be improved, the governance work will continue to improve, the invisible variation training will be completely eliminated, and it will effectively ensure that the "double reduction" work will achieve remarkable results.

Build a dynamic troubleshooting mechanism

  Reduce the occurrence of illegal training

  Xining City, Qinghai Province is one of the first places in China to strictly rectify housing rental and illegal school running.

  In October 2018, the education, public security, housing and urban-rural development, market supervision and other departments of Xining City jointly issued a document requiring that the lessor of the house should bear the responsibility for the safety of the rented house, and should not provide places for illegal activities such as running schools. Anyone who rents out houses to conduct illegal activities such as running schools and other illegal activities shall report to the public security organ in a timely manner.

The lessee shall be responsible for the safe use of the leased house, shall cooperate with the lessor in registering the leased house, obey the management of the administrative department, the community, and the property service enterprise, shall not change the purpose of the house without authorization, and shall not use the rented house to engage in illegal schooling and other violations of laws and regulations Activity.

  On July 24, 2021, the General Office of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China issued the "Opinions on Further Reducing the Homework Burden of Compulsory Education Students and the Burden of Off-campus Training", requiring adherence to strict management and comprehensive regulation of off-campus training behaviors. The industry calls it "double reduction." policy.

  Subsequently, all localities accelerated the pace of investigation and rectification of various off-campus training institutions that violated regulations.

  The "Opinions" summarizes the experience of local governance, puts the focus of rectification on increasing the supervision of illegal off-campus training venue management, house leasing and other links, and proposes to give full play to the comprehensive management function of the community (village) and make the disciplines invisible The prevention and governance of variation training is incorporated into the community street grid comprehensive governance system to reduce the occurrence of illegal training.

  The "Opinions" pointed out that a dynamic investigation mechanism for streets (townships) and communities (villages) should be established, and a guarantee responsibility system should be established to prevent illegal training in residential buildings, hotels, coffee shops and other places.

Strengthen the management responsibilities of house property owners and entrusted management units, clarify that houses are not allowed to be rented to unqualified institutions or individuals for off-campus training, and rely on building managers to carry out grid inspections to prevent illegal training in commercial buildings and rental houses.

At the same time, adopt the method of "four nos and two straights", and carry out regular inspections and inspections in the form of "daily inspection + night inspection" and "joint inspection + random inspection".

Seize important time nodes such as national statutory holidays, rest days, and winter and summer vacations, and deploy investigations and special governance.

Conduct management and control investigations on key places such as commercial buildings and residential quarters where violations of training frequently occur.

 Seize the important time node

  Deploy special governance actions

  According to statistics disclosed by the Ministry of Education, as of February 2022, the original 124,000 offline subject off-campus training institutions in the compulsory education stage have been reduced to 9,728, and the original 263 online off-campus training institutions have been reduced to 34.

As of April 30, 2022, 109,900 non-disciplinary off-campus training institutions have been included in the supervision and service platform supervision.

  However, at the same time as this "big reshuffle" of the off-campus training industry, a small number of illegal education and training institutions "lurked" by "changing their vests" and "changed their appearance" with "high-end housekeeping" and "advanced nannies". Continue to engage in education and training business in violation of regulations, playing a "cat and mouse" game with the regulatory authorities.

  Some of these illegal education and training institutions closed their doors on the surface, but actually moved to residential buildings, hotels, coffee shops and other hidden places to carry out training in violation of regulations; some conducted online illegal training through communication software; some took the opportunity to increase prices to provide offline prices Expensive "one-on-one" underground violation training.

  In this regard, the "Opinions" pointedly pointed out that we should seize important time nodes such as national statutory holidays, rest days, and winter and summer vacations to deploy investigations and special governance.

Conduct management and control investigations on key places such as commercial buildings and residential areas where violations of training frequently occur.

Focus on institutions and individuals conducting training in violation of regulations in the name of "one-to-one", "live-in teachers", "high-end housekeeping", "crowdfunding private education" and various winter and summer camps, and conducting discipline-related training for preschool children aged 3 to 6, Key issues such as conducting regular high school subject training in violation of regulations, and paid make-up classes for primary and secondary school teachers will be investigated and rectified.

According to the violation training situation, complaints and reports, establish key institutions and personal accounts for violation investigation, strengthen investigation, tracking and inspection, timely enter and exit accounts, and do a good job in dynamic management.

  At the same time, pay close attention to relevant institutions such as hosting services, illegal organization competitions, and voluntary reporting and consultation for high school and college entrance examinations, and increase reminders, inspections and inspections of important nodes such as enrollment.

Domestic service companies are prohibited from incorporating off-campus training into family services, and any form of promotion of "home-based tutoring" is strictly prohibited.

Improve law enforcement linkage mechanism

  Collaborative Case Handling Closed-loop Management

  The "Opinions" also proposed a solution to the problem of difficult evidence collection for illegal off-campus training, that is, to strengthen joint evidence collection investigations and do a good job in the collection and fixation of evidence for illegal training.

Education administration departments at all levels should work with relevant law enforcement departments to improve the law enforcement linkage mechanism for invisible mutations, discuss case investigation and handling in a timely manner, and form a coordinated case handling and closed-loop management mechanism.

  The "Opinions" propose that local education administrative departments should give full play to the leading role of the "double reduction" work coordination mechanism, strengthen overall coordination, and work with relevant departments to carry out daily supervision on the invisible variation training of disciplines; the network information department should focus on compacting the information content management of website platforms The main responsibility is to cooperate with education and other departments to do a good job in the supervision of online subject training; the development and reform department focuses on the sharing and release of information on the "blacklist" of off-campus training institutions and untrustworthy off-campus training institutions; the market supervision department does a good job in price supervision according to law , Advertisement supervision, and cooperate with the education department to standardize the standard terms of the contract; the commercial department focuses on the management of the housekeeping service industry; the housing and urban-rural development department focuses on the supervision of housing leasing and property management involving off-campus training, etc.

  In addition, the "Opinions" also included the governance of the invisible variation of disciplines into the scope of government performance supervision, and promoted the compaction of responsibilities by local governments.

Carry out "unannounced inspections" of the management of invisible variation training in various disciplines, and take serious accountability for problems such as perfunctory, obedient orders, and obedience and violation of the public's interests that arise in the work.

For places where there are many problems, the implementation of policies is not in place, and the work results are not obvious, the relevant units and responsible persons must be strictly held accountable.

  Rule of Law Daily reporter Wan Jing