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The sudden death of Lisa Marie Presley, on January 12 at the age of 54, has sparked a

family war over her inheritance


Eight days after being buried in Graceland, the mansion-museum of the king of rock in an emotional ceremony, disagreements have begun to surface over the

legacy left by Elvis's only daughter


According to American media such as

Page Six



, Priscilla, Lisa Marie's mother, has

challenged her daughter's

will, which, according to the same media, favors one of her granddaughters, Riley Keough (33) over her.

Priscilla has questioned the validity of it because

she doubts the authenticity of the signature

that appears in an

annex incorporated in 2016

, of which she was not aware.

According to these media, Priscilla Presley (77) has filed a

request with the judge for the verification to be carried out

as he claims the document was never delivered to him, the date is suspect and the document misspells Priscilla's name and Lisa Marie's signature "appears inconsistent with her usual and customary signature," according to legal documents obtained by



The same American news portal, Lisa Marie, named Riley


of all

its properties and finances,



as the jewel in the crown, valued at 500 million dollars.

Until now, Priscilla was the manager of Lisa Marie's estate through her


, so her decision to strip him of that control in favor of her granddaughter has not sat well with her.

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The life of Lisa Marie Presley: four marriages, drug addictions, Scientology and the suicide of a son

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The life of Lisa Marie Presley: four marriages, drug addictions, Scientology and the suicide of a son

Lisa Marie created the trust in 2010, naming her mother and her son Benjamin, who committed suicide in 2020 at age 27, as trustees.

Six years later, however, she tweaked it and

dropped Priscilla to name Riley, Benjamin's sister, in her place.

Riley and Benjamin were born from the relationship of Elvis's daughter with actor

Danny Keough

(58), whom she divorced in 1994. In that annex to the will, Lisa Marie also eliminated her former manager, Barry Siegel,

whom she accused of having ruined


Lisa Marie, Priscilla and Riley Keough with twins Harpwer and Finley in a June 2022 image in Hollywood.GTRES

Riley has two other sisters,

the 14-year-old twins Harper and Finley,

born from Lisa Marie's last marriage to guitarist Michael Lockwood, which broke up in 2021. They are also heirs to their mother's fortune even though, being Minors will have to be supervised.

Another front could also be opened there because, in addition to her father, Priscilla could have claimed guardianship of her granddaughters.

Diet and opioids

The last public appearance of Lisa Marie, along with her mother and Austin Butler, at the Golden Globes.GTRES

In addition to the mess of the will,


has made more revelations about Lisa Marie and her death, due to a heart attack.

According to the news portal, Elvis's daughter was trying to

lose a few kilos

to face the red carpets of the awards season of the movie


, by

Baz Luhrmann,

and had even taken opioids in the weeks before her death.


, citing family sources, also ensures that Lisa Marie underwent plastic surgery two months before the Golden Globes and underwent a strict diet to lose weight.

She died two days after attending the ceremony

, where she received a tribute from

Austin Butler .

, Golden Globe winner for his portrayal of the king of rock.

According to the criteria of The Trust Project

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