Regarding the Chinese embassy in Tokyo resuming the issuance of visas to Japanese visitors to China, some Japanese companies operating in China were concerned that the suspension of visa issuance would be prolonged. Since then, voices of reassurance have risen.

The Chinese government has suspended the issuance of visas to Japanese nationals visiting China from the 10th of this month as a countermeasure against the Japanese government's strengthening of border measures for those entering from mainland China. However, the Chinese Embassy in Tokyo announced on the 29th that it has resumed issuance.

Among Japanese companies expanding into China, there were concerns that if the suspension of visa issuance was prolonged, it would affect the assignment of expatriates and business trips from Japan, so the issuance was resumed. However, there are voices of relief, such as "I want to welcome it as it will lead to smoother traffic of people."

Between Japan and China, since the spread of the new coronavirus infection, the Chinese side has continued strict quarantine measures when entering the country under the "zero corona" policy, which has affected investment from Japan. There is also a point of view, and the focus will be on whether business between Japan and China will be revitalized in the future.