Overseas Network, January 30. According to reports from India's New Delhi TV station and other Indian media, on the afternoon of January 29 local time, Naba Das, Minister of Health of Odisha State, India, was shot dead at close range while attending an official event. , the shooter was a police officer on duty.

  Indian officials were shot at the scene while attending the event (video screenshot)

  The live video showed that after Das arrived at the event site by car, the crowd gathered to welcome him, and suddenly gunshots rang out.

A witness said Das was shot as soon as he got out of the car. "We saw a police officer shoot at close range."

  The local police stated that the motive for the killing of policeman Gopa on duty is still unclear and is currently under investigation.

"After Gopal fired 2 shots in a row, 2 policemen managed to turn his hand to the sky. In the process, 2 other people were shot and injured." Das was shot in the chest and was taken to the hospital, where he died of his injuries .

  Gopal's wife said her husband was "mentally ill" and had "been on medication for the past few years".

(Li Fang from Overseas Network)