Regarding the resumption of visa issuance to Japanese by the Chinese authorities, Chief Cabinet Secretary Matsuno said that the handling of border measures for people entering from mainland China will be handled flexibly while considering the infection situation. showed an idea.

The Chinese authorities have suspended the issuance of visas to Japanese visitors to China since the 10th of this month, but announced that they will resume on the 29th.

The Chinese side explained that the suspension of visa issuance was a countermeasure against Japan's strengthening of border measures, such as starting inspections for people entering from mainland China after the 30th of last month. However, the reason for the reopening has not been disclosed.

Regarding this, Chief Cabinet Secretary Matsuno said at a press conference in the morning, "Japan has requested the abolition of China's visa issuance restrictions."

When asked by reporters whether he had received an explanation from China about the reason for the resumption of visa issuance, he said, "I will refrain from further discussion due to diplomatic exchanges."

On the other hand, regarding the handling of the border measures that Japan continues, he said, "For the time being, we will respond flexibly while monitoring the infection situation in China while implementing the current measures."