The inhabitants of Surfdale, a small town located on the island of Waiheke in the north of New Zealand, have been the victims of a strange joke for almost a year, reports the New Zealand news site Stuff.

From time to time, a man comes to drop off a grilled sausage with a little sauce, placed on a slice of bread, in their letterboxes.

The identity of this joker remains a mystery for the time being.

The facts would have started in April 2022 and have continued irregularly since.

Gradually, the affair made more and more noise, until it took on national proportions.

The New Zealand television channel 1News thus intervened on the spot Thursday to interview the inhabitants.

Waiheke's Surfdale Sausager: 'That's when I knew it was a serious problem'

—RNZ News (@rnz_news) January 22, 2023

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"We can't trust each other anymore"

Many are therefore looking for clues that would identify the one now called the "Surfdale Sausager".

And the perimeter is quite limited, since the island has only 2,000 inhabitants.

In Surfdale, a strange discord has therefore settled.

"It's dividing us, we can no longer trust each other," explained a resident.

Among those who have been directly targeted by the charges is Sir Peter Leitch, known as "The Mad Butcher", an island resident who runs several butcher shops in the country.

When questioned, the man said he was "scandalized that meat is wasted in this way" and denied the facts altogether.

The sketch of the joker

Who could this mysterious joker be?

Psychologist Dougal Sutherland would rather go after a man "who has a little time and money", who has a barbecue, who is not vegetarian or very health conscious because of white bread, and who would be "reasonably intelligent" and "smart enough not to be exposed".

For him, it could only be a man, not a woman.

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