The British Ministry of Defense has announced that Ukrainian soldiers have arrived in the UK for tank training, and training is expected to begin on the 30th.

The British Ministry of Defense posted on SNS on the 29th that ``soldiers of the Ukrainian Army tank unit have arrived in the UK to start training,'' and posted a photo of the soldiers disembarking from the aircraft.

The British government has decided to provide the main battle tank "Challenger 2" to Ukraine ahead of Germany and the United States, and a senior official of the Ministry of Defense has shown the prospect of starting training on tank operation and maintenance in the UK from the 30th. .

Amidst Russian opposition to moves by Western countries to provide tanks, authorities in Kherson Oblast in southern Ukraine said on the 29th that Russian troops opened fire on the capital city of Kherson, damaging hospitals and schools and killing three people. At least six people, including a nurse, were injured.

On the other hand, the Russian Ministry of Defense announced on the 28th that a missile landed in a hospital in the eastern Luhansk province, killing 14 people, claiming it was an attack by the Ukrainian military's high-mobility rocket artillery system = Hymers. .

The Ukrainian government has not responded to this, but the Russian side also issued a statement on the 29th of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, unilaterally criticizing Ukraine and the West, which is providing military support. The possibility of launching a large-scale attack has also been pointed out.