Amid facing unfavorable political and legal conditions

Trump considers the 2024 elections the "last chance" to save America

Trump faces problems that may hinder his candidacy for the presidency again.


Former US President Donald Trump considered the day before yesterday that the 2024 presidential election would be the last chance to save the United States, as he seeks to revive his hopes in his third faltering attempt so far to reach the White House.

Difficult conditions

Facing unfavorable political and legal circumstances, Trump, 76, addressed hundreds of his supporters at a rally in Columbia, South Carolina, after addressing Republican activists in Salem, New Hampshire.

"The 2024 election is our last chance to save our country, and we need a leader who is ready to do that from day one," Trump said from a podium, flanked by American flags and some of his most loyal political allies.

"There is only one president who has challenged the entire establishment in Washington, and with your vote next year, we will do it again," he added in South Carolina.

"We need a leader who is ready to confront the forces that wreak havoc on our country," he said hours ago in front of a crowd of hundreds of people in Salem.

The rallies are seen as an opportunity for Trump to revitalize his faltering campaign, amid criticism for not holding events since announcing in November his intention to run in the 2024 election.

However, the former president did not introduce any noticeable change in his rhetoric, as he repeated his claims that the 2020 elections were stolen from him, and insulted his political rivals.

However, his most prominent criticism was directed against Republican opponents, whom he considered "more dangerous than the Democrats."

In New Hampshire, he also hailed his record on law enforcement, law enforcement, anti-immigration, and "rebuilding" the US military, vowing to save the country from "destruction at the hands of a selfish, radical, and corrupt political establishment."

"I am more angry now, and I am more committed than ever," he added.

The only prominent character

The former real estate mogul is the only high-profile figure to announce his candidacy for the presidency so far, but several prominent Republicans have raised the possibility of Republican challengers, amid reports of waning public support for the former president.

Terrible people

The two states are of great importance, as they are among the first states in which “primary elections” for women are held.

And the two states cemented Trump's place in the forefront of the candidates in 2016, after a tepid start in Iowa.

But he is reported to be struggling to maintain a base of support in South Carolina, given his endorsement of defeated candidates in November's midterm elections.

And it could end up in a race between Trump and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis over the Republican nomination ticket.

DeSantis came out on top in a poll at the National Pro Life Summit in Washington, D.C., last weekend.

However, polls at this early stage of the race do not always give a clear picture of the scene, as some results showed Trump's superiority over DeSantis, and others showed the opposite result.

The biggest hurdle in Trump's path to the Republican nomination appears to be his mounting legal troubles, with a "special investigator" appointed to look into numerous allegations of misconduct.

"These are ultra-left prosecutors, and they're absolutely horrible people," Trump said in New Hampshire, vowing to investigate the activities of the Justice Department if he is re-elected.

His dealings with confidential documents that were found during the FBI search of his residence in Florida, his role in storming the Congressional Building in 2021, and his attempts to overturn the results, after his defeat in the state of Georgia in the 2020 elections, are being highlighted. .

The former US president in South Carolina added, "We need a fighter who can stand up to the left... stand up to the media, stand up to the deep state... stand up to globalists and China, and stand up for America."

"This is what we do, we defend America," he added.

In New Hampshire, Trump praised his record on law enforcement, law enforcement, anti-immigration, and "rebuilding" the US military.

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