Screenshot of the website of China Overseas Study Service Center., January 29th. According to the website of the China Study Abroad Service Center, the Study Abroad Service Center of the Ministry of Education issued the "Announcement on Adjusting the Special Certification Rules for Cross-Border Distance Diploma Certificates During the Epidemic Period" on the 28th. Overseas (overseas) degree certificates and higher education diplomas are not within the scope of certification by the Overseas Education Service Center of the Ministry of Education.

After the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the Overseas Education Service Center of the Ministry of Education insisted on putting the health and safety of overseas students in the first place. For overseas students affected by the epidemic and forced to choose to take some or all courses online After meeting the degree-granting conditions stipulated by foreign universities, the degree obtained can be certified normally.

  At present, the borders of major study abroad destinations have been opened, and foreign (territory) colleges and universities have fully resumed offline teaching.

The National Health and Medical Commission announced that starting from January 8, 2023, "Class B and B control" will be implemented for new coronavirus infections, and my country's epidemic prevention and control has also entered a new stage.

In order to effectively protect the interests of overseas students and maintain education fairness, the Overseas Study Service Center of the Ministry of Education has decided to cancel the special certification rules during the epidemic.

For the 2023 Spring Semester (Southern Hemisphere Autumn Semester) and after that, foreign (overseas) diploma certificates obtained by distance learning (including new admissions and continuing studies) will no longer provide certification services.

If there are special reasons and the relevant regulations are complied with, individual cases will be dealt with properly.