After years of hiatus, it was once again time to open the slopes at night and it attracted nearly 700 visitors to welcome the light with large bonfires and a mobile torch train.

- We actually celebrate winter every weekend, but this is something extra.

We've been doing it for quite a few years, but the pandemic put it on hold, says Malin Nilsson, operations manager at Storklinten's ski resort.

"Cannon weekend"

And the turnout was great as many slalom skiers wanted to go out into the night.

- It has been fantastically good, it has been great fun.

It has been a great weekend with a lot of people!

What kind of reactions have you received from those who were there?

- It has been very much appreciated by both older and younger people and everyone in between.

That's what's so wonderful about events like this, when we get the whole team.

Seniors mixed with young people.

Everyone enjoys the skiing and each other's company in a very wonderful way.

In the video, you see the beautiful torch train going downhill.