Mali: arrest of the main suspect in the murder of 10 people in Fana

A Malian gendarmerie patrol on the main road in Fana, Mali, on June 30, 2020. AFP - MICHELE CATTANI

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This may be the end of the mystery around the ten people killed and beheaded between 2018 and 2021 in Fana, a Malian locality located about a hundred kilometers north of Bamako.

The prosecutor of the District Court of Fana confirmed to RFI on Saturday the arrest this week of a suspect who would have admitted to being the author of the ten crimes, as well as another, committed in Bamako.


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With our correspondent in the region,

Serge Daniel

In Fana, the main suspect arrested for the ten murders followed by the beheading of the victims is a 42-year-old man, unemployed and homeless.

He had already been arrested once during one of the Fana killings in 2021 and this time provided investigators with details that matched the various crime scenes.

Boubacar Moussa Diarra, prosecutor of the District Court of the Malian locality of Fana, says he is determined to shed light on these cases.

Very quickly, the indictment of the suspect could take place, other arrests as well.

The chronicle of these beheadings made the local population very suspicious, who always wondered “whose turn is it?”.

The procedures were identical.

The man or woman killed was then beheaded with a knife.

The headless body was found the next day in the early morning in the city.

Among the victims, a


albino girl.

Which made one think for a moment of ritual crimes.

Prosecutor Boubacar Diarra wants to be very cautious for the moment.

He advises to let the investigators continue the investigations, in order to elucidate “

 the mystery of these murders followed by beheadings



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