China News Agency, Toronto, January 29th (Reporter Yu Ruidong) Canadian political legend, 101-year-old former mayor of Mississauga, Ontario, Hazel McCallion (Hazel McCallion) died at home on January 29th.

  McCallion was born in Quebec.

She was a professional ice hockey player as a teenager.

In 1978, she was elected mayor for the first time in Mississauga, west of Toronto, and was re-elected for 12 consecutive terms until her retirement in 2014, making her the longest-serving mayor in Canada.

In November 1979, a train carrying hazardous chemicals derailed and exploded in Mississauga.

Under the command of McCallion, more than 200,000 people were evacuated urgently, and no one died.

  During her 36 years in power, Mississauga grew from a small town with a population of less than 200,000 to the sixth largest city in Canada with a population of nearly 800,000.

After retiring as mayor, she continued to serve or hold honorary positions in different universities, the Greater Toronto Airport Authority, the Ontario Women's Hockey Association, the Ontario Provincial Government and other institutions and departments.

  Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau paid tribute to McCallion and said that as a trailblazer, her political career and service to the community will continue to inspire people.

Ontario Premier Doug Ford praised McCallion as a true portrayal of a civil servant, whose strength of character is convincing.

Mississauga Mayor Campbell said McCallion has inspired many Canadian women to join the political arena.

The city of Mississauga will hold a memorial service for McCallian and set up an offline and online condolence book for him.

  McCallion was dubbed "Hurricane Hazel" by his supporters for his blunt character.

In 2016, the Ontario Legislative Assembly designated his birthday, February 14 each year, as the province's "Hazel McCallion Day".

  McCallion visited China more than ten times during his lifetime.

In an interview with a reporter from China News Agency in 2019, she expressed appreciation for China's development and progress and the contribution of the Mississauga Chinese community to the local area.