In the Diet, the House of Representatives Budget Committee will begin deliberations on the new fiscal year's budget from the 30th.

In the Diet, at the plenary sessions of both houses of the Diet last week, representatives from each party asked questions about four government speeches, including Prime Minister Kishida's policy speech.

And from the 30th, Prime Minister Kishida and all Cabinet members will attend the House of Representatives Budget Committee, and the total amount of the general account will reach a record high of more than 114 trillion yen. Deliberation begins.

The ruling party aims to fundamentally strengthen defense capabilities, support measures for the defense industry, materialize Prime Minister Kishida's goal of "countermeasures against the declining birthrate," and Japan serves as the chair country of the G7 = seven major countries. We will ask the government's views on foreign policy, etc., based on the fact that

On the other hand, the opposition parties have criticized the government's policy of increasing taxes to strengthen its defense capabilities, and have questioned the adequacy of the defense budget, which is said to be increased to 43 trillion yen over five years. With the policy of asking the government to explain policy, the appointment of the next governor of the Bank of Japan and monetary policy, the debate between the ruling and opposition parties will get into full swing.