An accused of theft is acquitted and refuses to pay his attorney's fees

Ras Al Khaimah Court obligated the man to pay 12 thousand dirhams.


(Khaleeji) refused to pay 11,000 dirhams for the fees of his lawyer, who defended him in a theft case before the Courts of First Instance and Appeal in Ras Al Khaimah, and violated the agreement concluded between them, after the end of the case, and his acquittal, and the Civil Court of Partial Ras Al Khaimah ordered the defendant to pay the plaintiff 12 thousand and 124 dirhams, including the rest of the fees, tax and fees, with an annual interest rate of 6%.

In detail, the plaintiff stated that he had defended the defendant in a theft case, and the agreement between them included that the pleading fees were 15,000 dirhams, not including tax, and the defendant paid 4,000 dirhams upon signing the contract.

He explained that the defendant refused to pay 11,000 dirhams, the rest of the legal fees, in addition to the added tax of 750 dirhams, and 374 dirhams for his judicial notification fees, and this is a breach of his obligations pursuant to the provisions of the Civil Transactions Law, and he demanded a ruling for him to oblige the defendant to pay him 12 thousand and 124 dirhams, With a legal interest of 12%, and obligating him to pay fees, expenses, and attorney’s fees.

The defendant confirmed that his financial circumstances did not allow him to pay the amount he owed, and expressed his willingness to pay it in installments of 4,000 dirhams per month, and it was not possible to reconcile between the two parties.

In the merits of a partial civil court ruling, it was stated that the court considers that the plaintiff’s request to oblige the defendant to pay the rest of the agreed fees, which the defendant acknowledged on his way, and coincided with the correctness of the law, in addition to 750 dirhams in tax, and 374 dirhams for fees, which is an amount approved by the defendant, so that the total amount due is 12 thousand and 124 dirhams, and the defendant is obligated to pay it.

The court ruled to oblige the defendant to pay 12,124 dirhams to the plaintiff, with legal interest at the rate of 6% annually until full payment, while obliging him to pay fees, expenses and attorney fees.

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