Israeli Channel 13 broadcast footage from a surveillance camera of the moment Israelis were shot today, Saturday, near a settlement outpost in the Silwan suburb of occupied Jerusalem.

The pictures show a young man taking cover behind cars parked in the street and firing a pistol at a group of Israelis, some of whom carry weapons.

Some of these Israelis clashed with the shooter, and the footage shown by Israeli Channel 13 does not show that the bomber was hit.

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In the second operation of its kind, two Israelis were wounded, one of them seriously, according to the Israeli police and ambulance.

Israeli television said that one of the two wounded in the Silwan attack was an Israeli army officer, who was on leave on Saturday.

For its part, the Israeli police said that the perpetrator of the Silwan operation was Muhammad Aliwat, 13, adding that he was injured but still alive.

However, the boy's family denied that he was the perpetrator of the attack, and said that his presence at the scene at the moment of the shooting was a coincidence, as they put it.

7 Israelis were killed and 10 wounded yesterday evening, Friday, in an attack carried out by a Palestinian in occupied Jerusalem, while the occupation authorities vowed a firm response to him.