China News Service, January 28, "This is one of the most serious attacks in recent years."

On the evening of January 27, local time, a shooting incident occurred at a religious site in Jerusalem. At least eight people including the attacker were killed and many others were injured.

Image credit: The Times of Israel

 "One of the worst attacks in recent years"

  The attack occurred around 8:15 pm local time on the 27th.

"The terrorist shot at everyone he encountered. He got out of the car and started killing people with a pistol," police said.

  A hairdresser who lives nearby told AFP he "went down to help people" after hearing gunfire.

"I saw the terrorist coming in his car. He stopped in the middle of the intersection and shot from his car."

  Medical staff pronounced five victims dead at the scene, while two others were pronounced dead at a Jerusalem hospital.

The injured included a 15-year-old boy in serious condition.

  The 21-year-old East Jerusalem resident carried out the attack alone.

The Times of Israel reported that he got out of his car and fired at the police, trying to escape on foot before being shot dead.

He has no previous offenses related to terrorism.

Palestinian media said the gunman's father had been summoned by the police for questioning.

  Doron Turgman, head of the Jerusalem Regional Police, said the attack was "one of the worst in recent years" and police would continue to search the surrounding area.

 UN calls for restraint

  After the attack, the Israeli Prime Minister rushed to the scene of the attack and urged people not to carry out retaliatory attacks.

  The attack was "one of the worst attacks we have known in years," Netanyahu said. "Our hearts go out to the families... We must act with firmness and composure. I urge people not to presume Take action."

  "We have decided to take several emergency measures that will be implemented from tonight," he said, without specifying which measures.

  Since the beginning of 2023, tensions in the Palestine-Israel region have intensified. The Israeli army has clashed with Palestinians in the West Bank and Jerusalem, causing casualties.

  Just the day before the attack, Israeli troops clashed with Palestinians in the northern West Bank city of Jenin, killing nine Palestinians.

This is a conflict with the highest death toll in the West Bank in recent years, which has triggered strong reactions from various political factions in Palestine.

  United Nations Secretary-General Guterres condemned the terrorist attack in Jerusalem and called on all parties to exercise maximum restraint, UN Secretary-General's spokesman Dujarric said in a commentary.