China News Agency, Fuzhou, January 28th (Yang Xin) "Oh, little girl, I just came to you before the Spring Festival, and I ran into you again when I came back. It's so lucky. Happy New Year!" On the 28th, Fuzhou's entry-exit border inspection As soon as Chen Haishan, a policeman from the third team on duty at the station, started working after the festival, she was greeted with a smiling face and greetings from a compatriot from Matsu.

  At 11:20 on the same day, the "Minzhu No. 8" passenger ship sailing from Matsu Fuao Port arrived at Fuzhou Mawei Langqi Port, and 41 passengers entered the country.

This is the first flight of the "Two Horses" route after the Spring Festival.

  "Happy New Year, did you have a good Spring Festival?" Chen Haishan greeted him warmly as she took the certificate of the compatriot surnamed Lin Matsu.

  "This is my happiest Spring Festival!" the Matsu compatriot replied, "It's been a long time since I celebrated the New Year with my family. Look at my bag. It's full of our New Year's goods. I don't know what it is next time I go back. When, I'll bring some more back."

  At the travel inspection site, passengers quickly clear the customs one by one.

A woman surnamed Zhuang told reporters that she went back to Matsu to see the elderly at home before the Spring Festival, but the child was still too young, so she stayed in Lianjiang, Fuzhou.

"Usually I think the baby is noisy, but I miss the child very much after I haven't seen it for a few days. The boats come and go, and both sides are homes!"

  Reunion is the background color of the Spring Festival.

The cross-strait "three small links" passenger routes, which have been suspended for nearly three years, began to partially resume on January 7 this year.

  "A boat ticket is not only a certificate for traveling by boat for compatriots on both sides of the strait, but also a hope for reunion at home." The staff of the Fuzhou Entry-Exit Border Inspection Station believes that it is the magnetic field of reunion on both sides of the strait that drives the "cross-strait" Ships on the "mini three links" passenger route come and go.

  "I hope that the cross-Strait 'miniature three links' passenger air routes will return to normal as soon as possible, and don't make it hard for me to return home." A Taiwan compatriot surnamed Wu said.

  At 13:17 on the same day, the passenger ship "Minzhu No. 8" carried 28 passengers and left Fuzhou Mawei Langqi Port, heading for Matsu Fuao Port.