5 officers beat him with their fists, shoes, and batons

Shock in the United States.. Shocking footage showing police violence towards "Tire Nichols"

  • A still from a video released by the city of Memphis as Nichols attempted treatment after the brutal assault.



  • A protester smashes the windshield of a police car during protests over Nichols' death.



Under the shock of the killing of Tyre Nichols at the hands of American police officers, controversy arose again in the United States about the violence committed by the police, amid a general feeling that the huge demonstrations that took place in the country in 2020 as a result of the death of George Floyd, when a policeman pressed his knee on his neck to That choked, not conducive to the settlement of the problem.

And the US authorities broadcast a video recording, showing the black-skinned driver, Tyre Nichols, being beaten by five Memphis police officers, who stopped and beat him repeatedly with their fists, shoes and batons, while he was screaming for his mother.

The clip is full of violent moments showing policemen, who are also black, chasing Nichols, beating him and leaving him on the sidewalk leaning on the police car.

The footage emerged a day after officers were charged with murder in Nichols' death.

The harrowing images of yet another black man dying at the hands of US police have renewed tough questions about how deadly confrontations with law enforcement continue, even after repeated calls for change.

Demonstrators gathered in several American cities to protest the incident, including Memphis, and dozens closed the Interstate 55 bridge that transports traffic over the Mississippi River towards Arkansas, and dozens of demonstrators gathered in Lafayette Park, Washington.

The video showed police officers brutally beating the 29-year-old driver for three minutes, while he was screaming throughout the attack.

The Nichols family's legal team likened the assault to the 1991 police beating of Los Angeles motorist Rodney King.

After the first officer pulled Nichols out of the car, Nichols could be heard saying, "I didn't do anything," as a group of police officers began pushing him to the ground.

"You guys are doing a lot right now," Nichols said. "I'm just trying to get home, whoa, I'm not doing anything."

Nichols could then be seen running while the officer shocked him with a stun gun, and the police then started chasing Nichols.

Other police officers were called, and the policemen beat him with a baton, kicked and punched him.

Security camera footage shows three officers surrounding Nichols as he lies in the street among police cars, with a fourth officer nearby.

Two policemen held Nichols to the ground, then a third policeman started kicking him in the head, Nichols slid completely on the sidewalk, the three policemen surrounded him, and then the policeman kicked him again.

The fourth officer walked, pulled a stick and held it at shoulder level, while two policemen were holding Nichols in a position as if he was sitting, and one of the policemen was heard saying, "I'm going to hit you," and a camera attached to his body showed him raising his stick, while a policeman was At least another holds Nichols.

The policeman hit Nichols on the back with a baton three times in a row.

The other policemen lifted Nichols to his feet, flopping like a dummy, and then one of the officers punched him in the face, while the policeman with the baton continued to threaten him.

Nichols stumbled as he turned, and the policeman who punched him stood in front of him and punched him four more times.

Nichols then collapsed, and it took about 20 minutes after Nichols was hit and onto the sidewalk, before any kind of medical care was given, although two firefighters arrived on the scene with medical equipment within 10 minutes. Nichols died in hospital three days after he was taken. mechanism.

Cops made claims about Nichols' behavior that are not supported by the footage. In one clip, a policeman claims that during the initial traffic stop, Nichols reached for his gun and used it to help him escape, which does not appear in the video.

• Demonstrators gathered in several American cities to protest police violence.

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