The parliament in Peru has rejected a request by President Dina Boluarte to bring the elections forward to next October in view of the severe political crisis.

After seven hours of debate, 65 MPs voted against Boluarte's motion shortly after midnight on Saturday, with 45 MPs in favor.

Two others abstained.

Parliament President José Williams received another request shortly after the vote to “review” the vote again.

However, it may be difficult to revise the result.

With the elections being brought forward again, Boluarte hoped to end the protests that had been going on for weeks.

Last month, Parliament voted by a large majority in favor of snap elections in April 2024.

Nevertheless, the protests continued.

As a result, Boluarte asked parliament on Friday to hold the election later this year.

Peru has been rocked by serious unrest since the ouster and arrest of left-wing President Pedro Castillo on December 7.

In nationwide protests, the demonstrators are demanding the resignation of Castillo's successor and party colleague Boluarte, the dissolution of parliament in order to hold new elections immediately.

There were repeated bloody confrontations with the security forces, and at least 47 people were killed.

A state of emergency has now been declared for almost a third of the Andean country.

The demonstrations and road blockades are now leading to shortages of fuel, food and medical supplies in Peru.