Thousands of people demonstrated today, Saturday, in Ouagadougou, the capital of Burkina Faso, calling for the departure of French forces from their country and an alliance with Russia.

The demonstrators in support of the head of the ruling military council, Ibrahim Traore, chanted slogans denouncing French President Emmanuel Macron and France's policies in Africa.

Among the slogans raised during the demonstrations that took place in Nation Square in the capital were "Down with imperialism," "Down with French policy in Africa," "No to Macron's dictates," and "Forward for the sovereignty of Burkina Faso."

These demonstrations come days after Paris announced that it would withdraw its forces from Burkina Faso, in compliance with the request of the ruling military council, which gave it a month.

Al-Jazeera correspondent, "Baba Walad Harmah," said that today's demonstrations are an extension of a movement that has been taking place for some time in Burkina Faso and other countries in West Africa, including Mali, which in turn pressured France to withdraw its forces from its lands.

The correspondent added that the Russian flags were present in the new demonstrations in the capital, indicating that the protesters blame France for the deteriorating security situation in the country and some neighboring countries where armed groups are active.

France has a military base in Burkina Faso and a battalion of nearly 400 special forces soldiers.

Since 2015, this African country has witnessed escalating attacks by armed groups that have killed thousands and displaced nearly two million people.