A school principal organizes traffic to protect students from accidents

The developer urges the parents of the students to bring their children by themselves.

From the source

The principal of a private school in Dubai, Mohammed Sultan Al-Matori, has organized traffic around his school to reduce traffic congestion and protect students from accidents.

The students' families monitored, with their mobile phones, the developer as he organized the movement of vehicles, to reduce congestion in front of his school, and photographed him and published videos of him on social media platforms, calling on the students' families to cooperate with him, and to circulate the initiative to the rest of the private schools.

Al-Motori told Emirates Today that the school has five gates, and that the peak time during the morning and evening periods witnesses severe traffic jams, as a result of the influx of dozens of vehicles at one time, which requires the presence of some teachers along with security men to organize the exit of students from the gates. And they got into their families' vehicles.

Al-Motori explained that regulating traffic and maintaining the safety of students is not limited to the security personnel, pointing out that its presence has great organizational importance, as well as an educational and awareness aspect.

He continued that his presence among the students and their families after the end of school hours contributed to a positive interaction, and reduced "traffic disputes."

He explained that some drivers with students do not adhere to traffic instructions as a result of their urgency, and their desire to quickly get rid of the congestion caused by the exit of the students at the same time. In front of the school gates in the morning and evening shifts, he contributes to reducing traffic congestion and the resulting quarrels, thanks to the cooperation shown by the drivers and students' families with him and the rest of his fellow teachers, in addition to the positive role played by the security men.

He explained, "One of the main reasons for crowding in front of schools is the failure of some of the students' families to come in person at the gate to pick up their children themselves, and to wait for their children to leave and go to them.

He continued that he is personally keen with the rest of the administrative staff to educate the students' families not to wait for their children in the vehicles, which allows him to bid farewell to the students, and to check on them and their families, while recommending to them the importance of observing the right of way to reduce traffic congestion.

Al-Matori indicated that “the presence of the school principal in the field in all locations gives positive energy to the students’ families,” adding that this stems from his belief as an educator, and from his concern as a father for the safety of his students, by following them up and monitoring their performance, whether inside the school or after they leave its gates towards their families' vehicles after the end of the school day. 

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