ChatGPT fascinates as much as it worries… Sciences Po announced this Friday the prohibition for its students to use this artificial intelligence, capable of writing texts in response to simple questions, under penalty of sanctions which may go as far as “exclusion from the establishment, even from higher education”.

In a letter addressed to all students and teachers, the management of Sciences Po announces that "the use, without explicit mention, of ChatGPT at Sciences Po, or of any other tool using AI is, the exception of pedagogical use supervised by a teacher, for the moment strictly prohibited during the production of written or oral work by students”.

“This tool strongly questions the subject of fraud in general, and plagiarism in particular”

The ChatGPT artificial intelligence has spread like wildfire in the educational world since last November.

Sciences Po is the first institution of higher education in France to officially announce the banning of this artificial intelligence.

"This tool, which uses artificial intelligence (AI), strongly questions education and research actors around the world on the subject of fraud in general, and plagiarism in particular", estimates the direction of Sciences Po, in the letter sent to students.

“Some states have also already banned its use in their schools and universities,” the statement continued.

In mid-December, just a few weeks after the tool was made available by the Californian startup OpenAI, eight Australian universities announced that they were modifying their exams and considering that the use of AI by students was akin to cheating.

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ChatGPT: The artificial intelligence tool fascinates as much as it worries

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