Fashion Week is in full swing in Paris, France, and the dresses worn by models in a recent fashion show are a hot topic.

It was the dress with the 'lion's head' that attracted people's attention.

Not only lions but also wolves and snow leopards follow suit.

In particular, it drew a response that was 'unconventional' by reminiscent of the same appearance and size as a real animal, but the controversy over this dress is not fading.

At the Schiaparelli SS Couture 2023 Fashion Show held in Paris, France on the 23rd (local time), models Irina Shayk and Kylie Jenner appeared in dresses decorated with lion heads.

Fashion brand Schiaparelli, famous for its unconventional colors and designs, drew attention from around the world with costumes using animal heads and 3D technology at the show.

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Led by Daniel roseberry, creative designer of Schiaparelli, the theme of this show is Dante's Divine Comedy - Inferno.

Designer Daniel Roseberry said, "Each animal is inspired by the poet Dante's work, 'The Divine Comedy - Inferno', and is a metaphor for the 'hell'-like creative pain and self-doubt that all artists inevitably experience." It was created to emphasize," he explained the background of the creation.

The work 'The Divine Comedy' is an epic poem written by Italian poet Dante Alighieri, and consists of three parts: Hell, Purgatory, and Heaven.

In the first of these, three beasts appear, and inspired by this, the artist attached the heads of a leopard, a lion, and a she-wolf to her dress, representing lust, pride, and greed, respectively.

The animal heads used in the dress look like real ones, but they are all fakes made of artificial fur and foamed resin.

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▲ Photo of the production process of the 'animal head dress' released on Schiaparelli's official SNS

Schiaparelli's side directly stated through the official SNS that "no animals were sacrificed because all animal heads were artificially created," but the reaction to this was mixed.

Animal protection group "Show me the horror of trophy hunting" vs.

Netizens "encouraging trophy hunting"

First of all, the international animal protection organization PETA (PETA) showed a positive response.

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▲ Peta SNS (left), model Irina Shayk SNS (right)

Petta shared the fashion show video on social media and said, "Schiaparelli is telling us the horror of trophy hunting (displaying captured animals like trophies after hunting) through this show." I want them to become 'true vegans'."

Irina Shayk, a model who wore a lion head dress directly in the show, was also the center of controversy through SNS, saying, "I support artists who have made a sweat by using wool and silk to make a lion head. It is an honor to participate in this show." represented the brand.

However, there were also many negative views of this show.

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Local netizens posted on social media, "Even though it's not a real animal, this (animal-shaped) design promotes 'trophy hunting'" and "I understand the effort that went into making the costume, but the creative work was made with an animal head." Criticism continued, such as "I wonder if it was necessary to use it", "Animals are not accessories", "Can you feel 'honored' even if you decorate your head on a dress?"

On the other hand, lions, snow leopards, and wolves are representative animals whose populations are declining day by day, and the main causes of the decline are habitat loss due to the climate crisis and poaching.

They are primarily hunted for their fur and bones, but are also known as trophy hunters.

(Photo = 'Schiaparelli' website, @schiaparelli, @peta, @danielroseberry @irinashayk Instagram)