The Main Investigation Department of the Investigative Committee for Moscow opened a criminal case under Art.

117 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (“Torture”) in relation to a man who tortured his seven-year-old stepson.

As explained in the department, it was previously established that the child lived in a family with a stepfather, who, experiencing personal dislike for his stepson, systematically caused him physical and moral suffering for a long period, which led to grave consequences.

“Currently, the child’s stepfather has been taken to a subdivision of the department to conduct investigative actions with him.

In addition, the mother of the child will be brought to the subdivision of the capital's Investigative Committee, whose actions will also be given a legal assessment in the framework of the criminal case.

The investigation requested a description of the family and other materials from the guardianship and guardianship authorities, ”the IC said in a statement.

The situation is under the control of the Commissioner for Children's Rights in Moscow.

As it became known to RT, in mid-January, the boy's mother brought him to one of the Moscow hospitals and said that his "arms hurt".

During the examination, the doctor noticed many scars on the body of the child.

The hospital staff called the lawyer and the police and asked my mother to leave.

The results of the examination shocked the doctors: improperly fused bones, an injured scrotum, a wound on the tongue, burns and frostbitten hands.

Surgeons had to amputate the boy's eight fingers.

When asked what happened to him, the child, obviously trying to shield the people close to him, either remained silent or said that he was allegedly beaten by strangers and pushed into a snowdrift.

The hospital staff turned to the Road of Life Foundation, which has a program to accompany children in difficult life situations.

The organization employs nannies who help children who, for one reason or another, ended up in medical institutions without parents.

The Foundation has selected a nanny who speaks the same language with the boy (he is a citizen of another state).

She managed to establish a trusting relationship with him, and after a while the child told her what had happened to him.

As it turned out, his mother asked him to keep quiet.

As RT was told in the fund, in fact, for a long time he was subjected to torture by his stepfather, who also used violence against the boy's mother.

The man burned different parts of the child's body with a red-hot knife.

When he refused to eat the food prepared by his stepfather, fearing that it might be poisoned, he took pliers and fixed them on the boy's tongue.

After another beating, the man dragged the child out into the street, forced him to put his hands in a snowdrift, and held him for several hours. 

Because of the experience, the boy reacted very sharply to the presence of adults, especially men, Ekaterina Pankova, program manager for the Road of Life Foundation, told RT: “He chose a nanny as a significant adult, so all communication, including with a psychologist, goes through her.

And accordingly, experts suggest how best to behave with him, what wording to choose.

Even for a child who has not experienced such trauma, being alone in a hospital box instead of the usual environment is a lot of stress.

Therefore, accompanying a nanny who not only spoon-feeds and satisfies the primary needs of the child, but also creates a stable trusting atmosphere is an incredibly important job, and even more so in the current situation.”

Now doctors are monitoring the child's condition to avoid complications after the operation.

“The most important thing is that further tissue necrosis does not begin, doctors clearly monitor the condition of the child after the operation,” says Ekaterina Pankova.

- Further, most likely, the plans are as follows: given the already initiated criminal case and the resonance, the boy will probably be attached to a Moscow social institution when he feels better.

And given the nature of the injuries, it's not a matter of two days, but a week - or perhaps even longer."

According to the program manager of the Road of Life Foundation, usually children removed from asocial families still value them and want to return home: “It doesn’t matter what kind of mother he has, she is the only one for the child, and the environment in which he grew up is familiar.

But here the situation is atypical, because the boy refused and refuses to return home.”

In any case, after the child's condition stabilizes and he fully recovers from the operation, he will need a prosthesis.

“Together with the hospital staff, we have already contacted an organization that designs and manufactures hand prostheses,” she says.

“They promised us to make him new custom-made bionic prostheses at no cost.”

Ekaterina Pankova added that when the foundation published this story on their social networks, many subscribers expressed their desire to pay for the boy’s treatment and were indignant at what had happened: in a snowdrift and crying.

I would like to remind everyone how important it is not to be indifferent.”