The doctor shortage has, among other things, meant that listed patients in Karlshamn who seek care are referred to other care centers, something that BLT reported on.

- It makes me very worried.

Primary care must prevent and prevent people from getting sicker, says Annika Mellqvist, head of health care for the area close to care at Region Blekinge. 

The medical association warned

Magnus Andersson, chairman of the Blekinge medical association, believes that many doctors have left the health centers due to dissatisfaction with the reorganization carried out in the county.

- We raised the flag because it could mean redundancies, but the management overruled the trade unions in this, he says.

Annika Mellqvist wishes the region had acted earlier to keep the doctors.

- It's always easy to look back, but I'm sorry that we couldn't do more to keep them, she says.

Solutions ahead

In order to deal with the situation, a special group has recently been created, which, among other things, works to free the doctors in Karlshamn from administrative tasks.

- Other health centers in the county also help and receive patients as far as they can, says Annika Mellqvist.