Nicaragua: two Franco-Nicaraguan women sentenced to eight years in prison for "treason"

Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega and his wife during a meeting in Managua on September 5, 2018. AP - Alfredo Zuniga

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Nicaraguan justice on Wednesday definitively sentenced the wife, daughter and son-in-law of opponent Javier Alvarez to 8 to 10 years in prison.

 “ Unjust

 ” and “ 


” sentences

 denounced by human rights defenders,


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It is a new form of terror according to the Nunca Mas collective, which denounces the excesses of the ruling couple,

President Daniel Ortega

and his wife, Vice-President Rosario Murillo.

For these human rights defenders, the regime has resorted to arresting relatives of its adversaries since the end of last year.

The objective is to intimidate “the enemies” but also issue a warning to the population.

The economist Javier Alvarez, the former guerrilla companion of Daniel Ortega who has become an opponent, continues to proclaim the innocence of his wife, his daughter and his son-in-law in exile in Costa Rica, he denounces a horrible condemnation and perverse.

France denounces

 the "opacity

 " of this trial

Jeannine Horvilleur Cuadra, 63, and her daughter Ana Alvarez Horvilleur, 43, were arrested on September 13 along with Ana Alvarez Horvilleur's husband, Félix Roiz, a 56-year-old Nicaraguan engineer.

They were sentenced to the terms required by prosecutor Heydi Estela Ramirez: eight years for my wife and

(eight years also for)

my daughter 

" Ana, said Javier Alvarez.

Felix Roiz was sentenced to ten years in prison, he said.

Nicaraguan authorities had not confirmed the convictions Thursday midday.

The two Franco-Nicaraguayans and Félix Roiz were accused of "

 treason to the homeland

 ", " 

attack on national sovereignty 

" and " 

dissemination of false information on social networks


For its part, France deplored the refusal of its ambassador in Nicaragua to attend the trial of two Franco-Nicaraguan women, who were sentenced to 8 years in prison and denounced 

the "opacity

 " around this trial.

More than 200 opponents are now detained in Nicaragua.

Most were arrested in the crackdown on anti-power protests five years ago.


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