In February 2020, the original cost estimate for the bathhouse was SEK 360 million, but since then it has been additionally budgeted on three occasions.

The original calculation has gone from 360 to 550 to 720 million kroner, and on the sixth of February the issue will be raised again in the municipal council with a proposal for a further 160 million kroner.

No one is singled out as responsible

An audit report has been made and it points to several shortcomings.

 - There is no individual responsible in this.

But one example is that the municipality's politicians, civil servants and the general consultant We Group have somehow broken down in the work and communication between each other, says municipal councilor Mats Taaveniku (S).

Noticeably irritated

Now the municipality's financial manager has been tasked with looking at what the increasing bathhouse costs mean for the municipality's finances.

The money for the construction is urban transformation money that would actually go to the Bolagsskolan, pre-school activities, homes for the elderly and premises in care.

- The compensation from the old bathhouse that LKAB paid is approximately SEK 250 million, a difference of almost SEK 650 million.

It's a lot of money and you just get screwed, says Mats Taaveniku.

In the clip, you can hear the councilor's irritation that the building has become so much more expensive.