Former US State Department official Nabil Khoury criticized the US administration's position on the Palestinian issue, and said that President Joe Biden confirms his belief in a two-state solution but at the same time strengthens his alliance with Israel, and sends National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan to Tel Aviv, and Sullivan says he does not speak with Extremists in Benjamin Netanyahu's government, even though these extremists are members of this government.

Khoury stressed - in his speech to the episode (27/1/2023) of the "From Washington" program - that the Biden administration does not have a clear strategy, neither towards China nor towards Russia, nor towards the Middle East region, and it will inevitably fail in many files, according to him, calling for Biden to focus;

Either on confrontation or diplomacy.

For his part, political science professor at Kuwait University Abdullah Al-Shayji criticized the US administration's focus on the Chinese and Russian files and its bias towards Israel at the expense of Middle East issues, and warned that this bias might trigger a third intifada in the occupied Palestinian territories, and there are indications of that in light of the escalation. The dangerous and bloody war in Jenin, in addition to pushing for a confrontation with Iran.

He said that there are challenges facing the Biden administration in light of its siding with the Israeli government, which is the most extremist, and he played down the possibility of it taking a decisive and clear stance on the Palestinian issue.

It is noteworthy that 10 Palestinians were killed today, Thursday, by the Israeli occupation forces, after they stormed the city of Jenin and its camp.

China supports the rights of the Palestinian people

As for Victor Gao, Vice President of the Center for China and Globalization, he spoke to the "From Washington" program about China's firm positions on the Palestinian issue, as it supports the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people and pushes towards a two-state solution, and strongly opposes any violation of the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people, a position he said is completely opposite to the American position. Which is the main reason for instability and security in the Middle East region for Washington's full support for Israel.

The Chinese guest called on the international community to respect the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people, stressing that China will do everything in its power to achieve this respect.

On the other hand, Gao touched on the Sino-American relations, and said that his country has every motive to engage with the Americans, but on the basis of mutual respect and common interests, and will confront them in the event that they violate China's sovereignty in the issue of Taiwan.

He also made it clear that Beijing's position on Russia's war on Ukraine has not changed, and it calls on all concerned parties to stop the war and resume the peace process, stressing that sending weapons to Ukraine - including tanks - will not solve the problem, but rather will lead to further escalation and the issue will get out of control. .

Referring to the confirmation of a number of European countries - including Germany - sending "Leopard 2" tanks to the Ukrainian army.

Robert Manning of the Stimson Institute acknowledged that there is a campaign of anti-China in the United States of America, and said that the Americans view it as a force trying to bypass the international system, indicating that what President Biden's administration is trying is to manage containment and competitive coexistence with Beijing, stressing that the problem is between the two countries. It lies in the fact that they live in a cycle of action and reaction.

According to the American guest, Russian President Vladimir Putin deceived his Chinese counterpart when he met him in the past and told him that their partnership had no borders.