The Versailles Court of Appeal (Yvelines) will rule this Friday on the case of Ikea France executives suspected of espionage.

Hundreds of employees of the French subsidiary of the multinational furniture company had been the subject of illegal searches.

In this case, which began in 2012, former Ikea managers were prosecuted for having inquired about the criminal record, the lifestyle or the assets of certain employees via the company Eirpace, which would have drawn this confidential data from files. from police.

The former CEO, CFO, a store manager and the former CEO of Eirpace were targeted.

Ikea France already condemned

The four men were sentenced in June 2021 and an appeal was filed.

During the appeal trial in September 2022, most assured that they were unaware of the existence of an illegal and generalized surveillance system for employees.

The prosecution requested the confirmation of the sentences for the CEOs of Ikea and Eirpace, i.e. two years in prison suspended and respectively 50,000 and 20,000 euros in fines.

Eight months suspended prison sentence and 5,000 euros fine were required against the store manager for having sent lists of employees to management.

For the former administrative and financial director, accused of complicity for having countersigned invoices from Eirpace, the Advocate General admitted that there was "a doubt" and requested the release.

In March 2021, Ikea France appeared before the Versailles Criminal Court alongside around fifteen natural persons against some 120 civil parties, including unions.

Sentenced at first instance to a fine of one million euros, the company did not appeal and was therefore not retried.

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