Even in winter, yesterday (24th) and today are too cold.

The phrase 'cold wave in the freezer' fits perfectly, and not only Korea but also China is in an emergency.

When you crack an egg, it freezes before it even flows to the floor.

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When hot water is sprayed into the air, it turns into crystals in an instant like a small firecracker explodes. There is no magic show.

Mercury in Mohe City, Heilongjiang Province, the northernmost part of China, fell to minus 53 degrees Celsius.

It broke the record-lowest temperature recorded in 1969, minus 52.3 degrees Celsius.

No matter how much it is called China's arctic, people are suffering from extreme cold that is below 50 degrees below zero for three consecutive days.

This happened as cold air from the Arctic Circle headed for Northeast Asia, taking advantage of the weakening of the jet stream, but the Arctic Circle recorded around -30 degrees Celsius.

(Screen source: YouTube Grow&Health Media)