BEIJING, Jan. 25 (Xinhua) According to Reuters, a blizzard swept across Japan, and many places were covered by heavy snow on the 25th, causing traffic to be paralyzed, hundreds of flights cancelled, and at least one person killed.

  The side facing the Sea of ​​Japan has a lot of snowfall. In the 24 hours as of 8:00 am on the 25th, the snowfall in Maniwa City in western Japan has reached a record 93 centimeters.

On the 25th, the snowstorm in Japan paralyzed traffic, and many stations suspended services.

  According to reports, more than 300 domestic flights in Japan, including All Nippon Airways and Japan Airlines, were canceled due to heavy snow.

Northern bullet trains were also suspended or delayed.

  Chief Cabinet Secretary Hiroichi Matsuno said that as of the morning of the 25th, one person had died from the storm, and two other deaths were under investigation because they were related to the storm.

  Two train stations in Kyoto also suspended services due to the snowstorm. About 3,000 people were trapped at the train station, and some passengers were forced to spend the night at the Kyoto terminus.

People were also trapped on at least 15 trains between stations.

  Many cars and trucks were stuck on a highway about 10 kilometers long in the central part of the country, unable to move.