As of March 1, 2023, part-time firefighters are subject to civil duty, according to a government decision.

This means that they must work for the rescue service in the event of heightened alert or war.

The Mälardalen rescue service has an ongoing recruitment of part-time firefighters, which is needed because the requirements are tough and there is a high staff turnover.

Right now, 13 people are taking part-time firefighter basic training in Västmanland.

Costs of strengthened civil duty

The Mälardalen rescue service assesses that more equipment will be needed when civil liability is strengthened, including more fire trucks. 

- We don't know who will pay for it.

We hope that government funds will come, because the municipalities cannot afford it, says Hans Tollbom, district manager of the Mälardalen Rescue Service.

In the clip, SVT is included during one of the education's most physically demanding sessions.