I wish to take advantage of the wind to blow far away, and every family and alley will be full of spring.

  The Chinese New Year of the Year of the Rabbit is coming as promised.

  The word "Fu" and Spring Festival couplets that have already been posted reflect the beautiful picture of the country's peace and prosperity.

  A "blessing" character also carries the best wishes - on the eve of the Spring Festival in 2019, when General Secretary Xi Jinping was inspecting the Sitiao Hutong of Beijing Caochang, he happily picked up a "blessing" character and pasted it on the door, giving The old neighbors here wish New Year greetings.

"I hope our neighbors in the neighborhood will be happy forever!"

  "The community is very important. There are thousands of lines on the top and a needle on the bottom. A lot of work must be done by the community." Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, General Secretary Xi Jinping has visited the community many times to care about people's livelihood and well-being, and consolidate grassroots governance.

  Although the community is small, it is connected to thousands of households, and can most directly and keenly perceive residents' yearning for a better life.

  Only when every family is good can the country and the nation be good.

  The prologue of the year, the beginning of blessing.

  In Donghu District, Nanchang, Jiangxi, the 2023 Spring Festival Carnival Temple Fair is being held.

Circus performances, Internet celebrity snacks, fashionable dances, entertainment and entertainment... present a cultural event full of New Year flavor, unique characteristics, tradition and innovation to the public.

  In the Guangming Community of East Lake District, various cultural and entertainment activities are also in full swing.

  "Now we have a model team, folk paper-cutting, Qiaoniang handicraft workshop, and basketball classes. Our life is rich and colorful." Talking about the changes in the community in recent years, Hu Jing, a member of the "Happy Aunts Chorus", said, "Now The community environment has improved, the walls and roads have been remodeled, and it is convenient for us to travel.”

  Guangming Community is the most representative old community in Nanchang.

On the eve of the Spring Festival in 2016, General Secretary Xi Jinping came here for inspection.

Before leaving, the general secretary said to the community: "If you have any needs, please ask our community and neighborhood committees, and encourage them to improve their work."

  In the past, the pipelines in the community were chaotic, roads were damaged, and water accumulated in rainy days. Residents had a lot of complaints.

To this end, Guangming Community has launched a community upgrading and renovation project, repairing roads, improving water and electricity, improving street lights, and planning parking spaces... This place has become a "star community", and there are visiting and studying teams arriving every three days.

  Why does an old community have such great charm?

The construction of the grassroots party branch is done well, "the community service is done in Chaga (Nanchang dialect, which means very good, awesome)." Residents answered this way.

  "Old and broken" turned into "happy family", and "full of complaints" turned into "flattery".

In the day-to-day rotation of the years, the most ordinary small communities around the people have undergone great changes in happiness.

  General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out: "The 'last mile' of urban governance lies in the community. The community is the nerve ending for the party committee and the government to connect with the masses and serve the masses. case to be resolved.”

  The "Happy Aunts Chorus" in Guangming Community has expanded from the original 20 people to the current number of more than 100 people, and their songs are getting louder and louder; in the Laoyifang Community in Xi'an, Shaanxi, "Ten years ago, I didn't know where the gate of the community was facing." By the way, no matter what is going on at home, as long as you come to the community, it will definitely be resolved.” Residents who came to do business praised it one after another...

  "Getting through the 'last mile' is to consolidate the foundation of governance and better meet the various interests and development demands of different groups of people. This is the proper meaning of improving the level of national governance." Professor Zhu of the Central Party School (National School of Administration) Li Jia said.

  The warm sun in winter reflects the happy smiling faces of the people.

  Sausages and bacon, roasted nuts, exquisite "Chinese knots"... On New Year's Eve, at the home of Long Zhigui, a resident of Jinyuan Community in Guanshanhu District, Guiyang City, Guizhou Province, the Spring Festival is full of joy.

"Put a pair of Spring Festival couplets on the door of the house, and the 'sense of ritual' of the Chinese New Year will be even greater." He said with a smile.

  Jinyuan Community is a "three-sense" community - the community has innovatively summarized and refined the "133 Work Method", of which the second "3" is to give residents a greater sense of gain, happiness, and security.

  On the eve of the Spring Festival in 2021, General Secretary Xi Jinping came here to visit the grassroots.

Warm applause, enthusiastic response, and bright smiles are the best evidence of the life of community residents.

The general secretary urged: "Strengthen the functions of the community for the people, for the convenience of the people, and for the people, so that the residents have needs and the community has services, so that the community can become the most reassuring and safe harbor for residents."

  Today, within a 15-minute walk, residents can reach community elderly care service stations, one-stop convenience service halls, childcare service centers, supermarkets... The 15-minute living circle facilitates residents' lives and improves residents' sense of happiness. And the sense of gain has become an integral element of the high-quality life of Jinyuan community residents.

  15 minutes marks the scale of time, and also reflects the temperature of urban governance and the scale of a better life, pressing the "accelerator button" to improve the quality of life of the masses.

  In November 2021, the National Development and Reform Commission issued "Several Opinions on Promoting the Improvement of People's Quality of Life in the Life Service Industry", emphasizing the vigorous development of community services and other life services at the "doorstep" of the masses, activating community service functions, and building "15 minutes" convenient life circle.

  In Beijing, the schematic diagram of the "15-minute living circle" is posted prominently at the entrances and exits of many residential areas. Residents feel that "happiness is upgraded at the doorstep". Nearby stores, you can also receive coupons...

  "The land is beautiful in spring, and there are many happy events in the world of Fuman."

  Dai Shilun, who is nearly ninety years old, always likes to look through a few photos on his mobile phone in his spare time.

One of them is the scene when General Secretary Xi Jinping went to the residents' activity room of Jinyuan Community, and the old man wrote this Spring Festival couplet in front of the General Secretary.

  "Life is really comfortable and happy now!" Said the hale and hearty Dai Shilun, "Let us calligraphy lovers meet and use the pen in our hands to write our gratitude to the party and the community stroke by stroke."

  "I pay special attention to elderly friends." On the occasion of the Spring Festival of the Year of the Rabbit, General Secretary Xi Jinping said affectionately when visiting and condolences to elderly friends in Fuzhou Social Welfare Institute in Fujian Province, "Whether a society is happy or not, it is very important to look at the elderly People are happy or not.”

  "Celebrate the new year, celebrate the new year, and then enter the old courtyard"... The Peony Community of Santaizi Street, Shenyang, Liaoning, focused on "one old and one young" to carry out intangible cultural heritage cultural exhibitions, children's educational toys competition, urban Wutong study and other activities , attracting many community residents.

  "The elderly and children are the most frequent residents in the community, and 'one old and one young' is the main concern of most families." On August 17, 2022, General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized during his inspection of Peony Community, "Services for the elderly must be keep up", "the work of raising and cultivating children should be strengthened".

  "I not only acquired knowledge, but also made a few good friends." In the happiness education class in the community, children can choose courses such as model airplanes, calligraphy, picture books, reading, painting, martial arts, building, and seal cutting. Entertaining and entertaining.

  In 2022, the restaurant for the elderly in the Peony community will be increased from one meal a day to three meals a day. The happiness education class opened by the community is very popular among children and parents.

In 2023, the community will continue to focus on serving the people, making them convenient and safe for the people, strengthening services for the elderly and the young in the community, and striving to turn the "dreams of happiness" of the masses into real scenes of happiness.

  "One old and one young" affects hundreds of millions of families and is related to the well-being of the people.

Many visits to local areas, the topic of people's livelihood of "one old and one young" is the key concern of General Secretary Xi Jinping.

  "Community work is specific. We must adhere to the people-centered approach, identify the various needs of residents, and provide timely and precise services to community residents." General Secretary Xi Jinping said at the Party-mass Service Center in Chaoyangli Community, Heping District, Tianjin The slogan of the important instructions made during the inspection four years ago is particularly eye-catching.

  Over the past four years, the Chaoyangli community has kept in mind the general secretary's entrustment, and has tried every means to make the community work finer and finer.

  "The seats built around the big tree in the small garden have no backrest, and it is inconvenient for the elderly to sit."

  "There are many elderly people in Chaoyang, and there is no elevator. We have to find a way to install handrails in the corridor."

  "That's right! It's better to install a folding seat on each floor, so that the elderly can rest when they climb the stairs."

  After having a specific direction, the community workers quickly turned the results of the discussion into results—bright yellow handrails have been installed in the corridors of several buildings in the community, and there is a folded white seat at the corner of each floor , not only does not take up space, but also greatly facilitates the elderly to go upstairs and downstairs.

  "I don't need to carry my little pony when I go out to buy vegetables!" Aunt Zhang, a resident, happily dragged the cart, walked and sat in the corridor for a while, and arrived home without feeling tired.

  The small cart is full of new year's goods, and it also pretends to be a down-to-earth and happy life.

  Red lanterns and blessing characters are hung in the streets and alleys; window grilles, hanging coins, lanterns, Chinese knots, cornucopias are all available, and "rabbit elements" of different sizes decorate the good wishes of Da Zhanhong's "rabbit"... All over the country, small The small community has a strong New Year flavor.

  Keep in mind the ardent entrustment, seek more benefits for the people's livelihood, and create a happy community, making residents happier!

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