- I came here to Gävle Energi's headquarters to postpone the electricity bill in December.

I can't pay.

As a hairdresser, it only gets worse.

Not many people come and get a haircut today, says Zana Saifden.

January, February and March will be tough months, believes Gävle Energi, which has around 40,000 customers.

However, there has been no increase in those unable to pay until December.

Can grant reprieve

- We have nine people who answer in customer service during the day.

Then we also have the phone open on Monday evenings, says Johan Björklund at Gävle Energi.

- If you can't pay your electricity bill, we can grant a grace period of one month.

Then there are also social authorities that can help.

But we understand that many people are having a tough time right now, says Johan Björklund.