The World Economic Forum in Davos has released a report on, among other things, the green transition.

In it, it is made clear that rare earths found in Kiruna are important for the future.

- Part of securing the energy transition is securing the raw materials, the supply chain and the processing capacity throughout the world to enable the transition everywhere, says Roberto Bocca, who is head of energy issues at the World Economic Forum.

Stump about the risks

The rare earth metals in Kiruna should make the EU less dependent on imports from China.

It is an argument that has been repeated since LKAB's exploration results were presented two weeks ago.

But there are also risks with that line of reasoning, says Finland's former Prime Minister Alexander Stubb.

He believes that there is a risk of increasing tensions in world trade.

- I'm actually quite worried, he says.

You can hear him in the clip.