▲ Former Vice President Pence

CNN reported yesterday (24th) that classified documents were also found at the home of former Vice President Mike Pence, who served in the Donald Trump administration.

According to CNN's report, attorneys for former Vice President Pence found more than 10 classified documents at Pence's Indiana home last week and returned them to the FBI.

The Department of Justice and the FBI are currently investigating the documents and how they were discovered in former Vice President Pence's home.

Lawyers for former Vice President Pence said they conducted an investigation in a state of alert immediately after classified documents were found one after another in the personal space of President Joe Biden's vice president.

Former Vice President Pence ordered his attorneys to search his home thoroughly, and last week they found some classified documents in four storage boxes, according to CNN.

According to officials, these documents were stored in former Vice President Pence's temporary residence in Virginia and moved with him when he moved to his current home in Indiana.

Former Vice President Pence's side is said to have handed over the documents to the National Archives on the 23rd.

Following the discovery of confidential documents in the private spaces of former Vice President Pence as well as former Presidents Biden and Trump, investigation and review of the overall management practices for confidential documents is expected to be inevitable.

Earlier, in President Biden's Washington office and Wilmington's sister-in-law, controversy arose as confidential documents were discovered one after another while serving as vice president in the Barack Obama administration.

Former President Trump received strong criticism after the FBI's Florida home search confirmed the leak of a number of classified documents.

Former Vice President Pence has made it clear that he does not have any classified documents.

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