The British newspaper "The Times" said that Western attempts to persuade Russian President Vladimir Putin to choose peace are over, and the newspaper called on Western countries to focus on sending the tanks requested by Ukraine, while the British magazine "The Economist" said in Report that Ukraine needs tanks to prevent the Russians from regaining the strategic initiative.

In an editorial, the Times stated that almost a year after the bloody war of attrition in Ukraine, the West must weigh the risks of sending more weapons against the risk of a Russian penetration, adding that the Ukrainians, who use Soviet-era tanks, want Western shields, specifically. The British "Challenger 2", the German "Leopard 2" and the American "M1 Abrams".

The world order is at stake

The Times added that the hesitation of the United States and the appointment of a new German defense minister appeared to be cautious, which led to the cessation of the provision of equipment that could help Ukraine hit the Russian forces harder.

And she expressed her support for what Republican Senator Lindsey Graham - who is currently visiting Kyiv - said that he was tired of the "dirty" reluctance to send tanks "at a time when Putin is trying to rewrite the map of Europe by force of arms."

"The world order is at stake," she explained.

She pointed out that the time for worrying about the entry of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) into conflict with Russia has passed, and that Ukraine has become a battleground by proxy between democracy and totalitarianism.

While weapons flow from NATO countries from the West, Iran and North Korea supply Russia from the East, adding that if Putin can outlast the will of the West to fight and reverse the course of the war and overthrow Zelensky and seize the country, Ukraine will become an unstable state controlled by gangs and supported by a coalition. Unholy for autocrats, Putin would be emboldened to expand Mother Russia's borders even further.

Warning Medvedev and the decision of the West

She went on to say that although Dmitry Medvedev - deputy head of the Russian National Security Council - warned that Russia's defeat in Ukraine could spark a nuclear war, this possibility, although horrific, cannot be allowed to overshadow the West's decision today.

She said that Germany and America should do the right thing and send the armor that Ukraine needs, and there is no good result to be gained from this conflict, but the worst by far is to see a “wounded” and “defiant” Putin take over Ukraine and begin planning the next step in his plan. To redraw the map of Europe.

In the context, The Economist magazine said that Ukraine gets a lot of weapons, with the exception of German Leopard tanks.

And she mentioned in many details the weapons and ammunition that Western countries sent to Ukraine or pledged to send, but she said that the need for Leopard tanks was urgent, and that Ukraine was frustrated that these tanks were not on their way to it.