Text / Xia Bin

  After entering the mobile Internet era, the "technical style" of the Spring Festival every year is getting stronger and stronger.

Just in time for the twenty-eighth day of the twelfth lunar month on the eve of the Spring Festival this year, the digital renminbi launched its first update in 2023, giving new ways to send red envelopes during the Spring Festival.

Spring Festival Digital Currency Red Envelope New Cover

  This year, you can use digital renminbi to send red envelopes to friends and relatives!

  The digital renminbi app has added a "cash red envelope" function, which can send "group red envelopes" and "exclusive red envelopes". When it was issued, the optional red envelope covers at that time included "Bless the Motherland", "Happy Birthday", "Prosperous Fortune", "Gong Xi Fa Cai", "Superabundance every year" and so on.

  Here I would like to mention a special design of the digital RMB red envelope - hand speed red envelope, as the name suggests, the faster the hand speed, the bigger the red envelope!

Of course, if you want to deposit the stolen red envelopes back into your bank card, there is no handling fee.

  In the latest update, the Digital RMB App has added a special red envelope cover for the Spring Festival. Click "Festive Blessings" in the "Red Envelope Cover" area, and you can see a lot of things called "Fu Rabbit Welcomes the Spring", "Five Blessings", "Congratulations on the New Year" and so on. A red envelope cover.

  The sense of ritual of the New Year also starts from the "head".

This update gives the digital renminbi exclusive avatar "new clothes", and a series of avatars with traditional cultural images have been launched, including the God of Wealth series with red robes and gold belts and beautiful jade, and Huadan warriors who show the quintessence of Chinese culture... These The avatars are all derived from the digital RMB IP image "Yuanyuan".

  Put on the avatar of the God of Wealth, choose the cover of the Spring Festival red envelope, and grab digital RMB red envelopes with relatives and friends this Spring Festival!

Distribute digital currency consumption red envelopes in multiple places

  Recently, many places across the country have begun to issue "red envelopes" of consumer coupons ranging from tens of millions to 100 million yuan, for application scenarios such as cultural benefit coupons, catering consumption discounts, physical retail store consumption discounts, and targeted subsidies. Among them, the digital RMB red envelope has become a bright spot.

  In Beijing, official users of Bank of Beijing's "Jingcai Life" App, customers in Beijing who are associated with ICBC's digital RMB personal wallet and bound to a Bank of Beijing debit card, log in to Bank of Beijing's "Jingcai Life" app from January 19 to February 2. Color Life” App, through the event page of “Harvest China·Digital Journey to Beijing——Jingcai New Year’s Goods Festival”, you can receive online and offline digital RMB consumption red envelopes.

After the red envelope is received, it can be consumed at designated online or offline merchants that support the use of digital renminbi.

  In Shenzhen, 100 million digital renminbi red envelopes will be distributed to the public during the Spring Festival to better meet the catering consumption needs of citizens. The number of red envelopes to be distributed this time is also very auspicious, at 2,023,666.

The activity will be carried out in the form of "registration by appointment, lottery drawing", and will be carried out in two phases, the Spring Festival and the Lantern Festival.

  After the user registers for the activity through the "Shenzhen New Year Red Packet" WeChat applet, the winner will be randomly selected from the registered users under the supervision of the notary office, and will be randomly distributed in four amounts of 28 yuan, 68 yuan, 168 yuan and 666 yuan. Dining digital renminbi with no threshold Red envelope.

  In Hangzhou, the 2023 "Prosperous Chinese New Year" Hangzhou catering special consumption vouchers have started, with a total amount of 20 million yuan, of which the amount of digital RMB consumption vouchers is 4 million yuan. The activity is divided into three rounds. Digital RMB consumption coupons will be issued at 10:00 am on January 17, 10:00 am on January 21, and 10:00 am on January 26, and the application objects are all personnel in Hangzhou.

  In Jinan, from January 18 to February 10, 2023, the first digital RMB red envelope tour was officially launched.

The coupons this time include electronic coupons and digital RMB coupons, all of which are retail, accommodation, and catering.

It is reported that the distribution time is divided into two rounds, the first round is from January 18, 2023 to January 27, 2023; the second round is from February 1, 2023 to February 10, 2023.

Distributed at 10:00 am on the first day of each round, limited distribution, while stock lasts.

The function of payment without electricity and network is online

  Before entering the "Spring Festival file", some Android mobile phone users discovered that the "Payment without network and electricity" entry has been added to the "Payment Settings" of the digital RMB App hard wallet.

  Digital renminbi mobile terminal power-free payment means that when the mobile phone is turned off, the user can still use the mobile phone to "touch" the payment terminal to complete the payment.

The user activates the power-free payment function in the digital renminbi App and sets the number of payments and the amount that can be paid after the phone is turned off.

  It is reported that some models such as Xiaomi and vivo currently support this function, and this function will be opened to more models and scenarios in the future.

  The digital renminbi is legal tender in digital form and should reflect the convenience of payment as cash.

Although no network and no electricity is a niche scenario, it should be considered as a legal currency.

  The no-power payment function can solve the pain point that users cannot pay when the mobile phone is turned off without power, and at the same time they do not carry physical cash with them for emergency, ensuring that users can continue to use digital renminbi to pay for services under extreme circumstances.

  In terms of security, some users worry that after enabling the above functions, if the mobile phone is lost and picked up by others, will they be able to spend their own money at will?

Actually not.

  It is reported that users can set the payment times and password-free quota limit of the mobile phone's non-electric payment function, and the background system will control the transaction risk according to the user's settings.

  When paying without electricity, if the transaction amount exceeds the password-free limit, the user needs to enter the payment password on the acceptance device, and the transaction can only be carried out after the verification of the background system is passed.

Similarly, if the number of payments exceeds the limit without power, the transaction cannot be carried out.

  In addition, if the mobile phone is lost, the user can also log in to the Digital RMB App on another mobile phone to turn off the power-free payment function to prevent loss of funds.